How To Ensure If Your Heater Is Energy Efficient Or Not?

How To Ensure If Your Heater Is Energy Efficient Or Not?

It might be expensive to heat your home on cooler days. If you don’t keep track of your heating demands, you could end up with huge expenses that cut into your budget. Faulty heaters that consume more energy than everyday needs significantly contribute to rising energy bills in families. 

Few Things To Check If Heater is Efficient or Not

Nothing compares to the convenience of hosting a winter party in your own home, where the temperature is carefully controlled. However, heating your home and keeping it cozy in the cold can be costly. If you don’t know how to play smart, you could end up paying a hefty energy bill. If you’re unsure about your heater’s efficiency, there are a few things you can do to find out.

  • AFUE Rating: An 80% AFUE rating has been identified as sufficient for an average temperature climate. Take a look at the label to know the AFUE rating of a heating system. If the AFUE rating isn’t listed or there isn’t a label, you can verify the model of the heater and look it up on the manufacturer’s website.
    The higher the rating, the more efficient is your heater. If you still can’t figure out the AFUE rating, contact heating repair in Long Beach for assistance.
  • Heater’s Age: To know the AFUE percentage before purchasing the heater is a sensible option, but the story does not end there. A heater loses efficiency as it ages, even with the best care and upkeep. According to experts, a home heater’s average life expectancy should be between 15 and 20 years.
    You can’t expect a heater to function the same way for the rest of its life. Every year, the energy efficiency of your heater degrades by about 5%. Professional heating tune-up in Cerritos can provide the desired service, but it will not extend the heater’s lifespan.
    As a result, replacement is required after a specific amount of time. The good news is that now more cost-effective and energy-efficient heaters are available. It’s time to replace your old heater if it’s squandering too much electricity. 
  • Comparison of Energy Bills: Sudden and inexplicable changes in your energy costs may suggest that your heaters are malfunctioning. Comparing your energy bills from month to month can help you spot patterns that indicate your heater is losing efficiency. Energy bills fluctuate naturally as the seasons change, energy costs rise, and people’s living situations vary.

If you’re still stumped about why your energy bill is rising, you can take the help of a specialist who can give you a clear picture, evaluate the heater, and recommend what you need to do based on its condition.

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