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The main sewer line that acts as an artery connecting your home to your municipal or septic waste removal system might seem indestructible, but this all-important pipe can actually sustain serious damage when not cared for properly. Get sewer line repair Cerritos CA at an affordable price.

A damaged main line can cause sewage backups, slow drainage and even a backup of noxious sewage gases that could harm the health of your family. Caring for your home’s main line properly means knowing how to prevent serious damage from compromising the pipe’s performance over time.

Here are three important types of damage to watch for and some simple ways that you can avoid them in order to preserve the integrity of your main sewer line in the future.

1. Excavation Damage

There may be times that you need to excavate your property in order to complete a home remodel project. Digging up your yard can be a useful tool when altering your home’s landscape, repairing its foundation or expanding your living area with a home addition.

Running heavy machinery over the top of your main sewer line could place pressure on the soil covering this important pipe. The increase in pressure could cause a weak or aging pipe to collapse, leading to serious plumbing problems over time. Hire an expert plumber in Long Beach to resolve all your plumbing issues

In order to prevent your main sewer line from sustaining damage during a dig, be sure that you consult permit documents and other blueprints to identify the location of your main line. Knowing where the pipe is located will help you avoid running heavy machinery over the top of your main line as you work to improve your property.

2. Plant Root Damage

Although your main sewer line is buried securely underground, there is always the possibility that tree roots can penetrate the pipe’s exterior and create leaks that lead to serious plumbing issues.

Root systems from any foliage in your area will naturally seek out sources of water underground. Your main sewer line presents a rich cache of moisture and nutrients, attracting plant roots.

To protect your main sewer line from serious damage caused by probing plant roots, create a barrier between foliage and your pipe. This barrier can be a physical one in the form of a metal or wood wall running along the surface of your main line, or it can be a chemical one in the form of copper sulfate and potassium hydroxide.

Eliminating plant root damage will keep your main line intact and ensure it performs properly in the future. If you need sewer line repair Long Beach CA, Contact Power Pro Plumbing.

3. Sediment Damage

While the water that comes from your tap might appear clear, most municipal and well water supplies contain trace amounts of suspended sediments. These sediments can include rust particles from old pipes, manganese, sand or calcium.

Although these suspended sediments are not harmful to your health, they can wreak havoc on your home’s plumbing system. As sediment-laden water drains through your main sewer line, some of the particles in the water can adhere to the interior surface of the pipe. Over time, these sediments build up until they eventually restrict the flow of water moving through the main sewer line. Water pressure then increases, placing undue stress on the pipe’s walls.

Sediment buildup can often lead to a burst main sewer line, which can be costly and inconvenient to fix. You can prevent sediment buildup from compromising your home’s plumbing system by having an experienced plumber use a hydro-jetting Cerritos CA to remove sediment from a main line’s interior walls in order to maintain proper water flow.

Schedule a Sewer Inspection Today

Caring for your main sewer line is critical when it comes to maintaining the quality and function of your home’s plumbing system. If you suspect that something may be wrong, be sure to schedule a sewer inspection.

Power Pro Plumbing is a renowned plumbing contractor Anaheim CA. We utilize a video inspection process to inspect your drain and sewer lines to ensure that everything is running properly.

Talk to the plumbing professionals at Power Pro Plumbing for more information on how you can protect your home’s main sewer line from serious damage.

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