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Components Which Might Need Repair Work For Your Ductless AC

Now is the right time to get your ductless AC repaired if there is a problem with it. Don’t wait for the rest of it to break later in the summer, the sooner you answer the problem, the less likely you will become uncomfortable in your own home.

But what is the problem? How do I identify it? Should I go for AC repair Anaheim? Here are a few key tips from your experts at Power Pro Plumbing. There are a dozen or so parts you need to look out for.

The Thermostat

Like with any AC variant, the Ductless AC has a thermostat. It might be malfunctioning and misreading the temperature. Some thermostats need batteries while others will need to be replaced in their entirety. It is important that the thermostat gets checked regularly to prevent your home from heating up. Another great option for your AC is to have a programmable thermostat installed. By controlling the temperature yourself, you can save up to 10% of your energy bill. That is a pretty good investment.

Check Your Connecting Pipe & Cable

This pipe is what covers your electrical wiring so it doesn’t get damaged. If your AC isn’t turning on, the connecting pipe could easily have been damaged and now the connecting cable needs fixing. If the pipe is broken, you can have wiring issues if it is constantly exposed to water, or because something from nature decided to chew it. There are some cases you need emergency AC repair Cerritos CA.

The Compressor

The compressor needs to be checked every so often to see if it has anything blocking the airflow. Unlike a packaged AC, the compressor is typically installed outside so it can easily get clogged with dirt, moss, sticks, leaves and other debris. It could be a simple solution as removing the stuff from the compressor, but it could also because it’s busted or low on refrigerant. If it is low on refrigerant, you home will no longer stay cool.

It can sometimes be as simple as giving it more refrigerant, but then it could also be that your entire compressor now needs to be replaced because you can’t fill it with refrigerant. Refrigerant can malfunction and cause leaks. While this can be spotted on a window AC, since it could pool up around the AC or on your window, the component is outside so you’d never notice it unless you check it regularly. If the compressor is the problem, always hire a trained technician to get it fixed.

The Two Fans

A ductless AC actually has two fans which could malfunction. Your AC stays cool when the fan spins and pushes the hot air out of the condenser and keeps the compressor cool. If this is blocked or damaged, you could be looking at one of the many causes why your AC is now producing warm heat instead of cool. The fan is normally exceptionally quiet, but if it gets damaged in a storm or improper usage, it could wobble or cause major scratching noises.

There is a second fan which is on the part inside your home. It helps to circulate cool air over the evaporator, allowing it to cool your home. It can also collect a lot of dust or mold if not cleaned regularly. Your fans can also get bent because it was accidentally damaged and now you hear a massive, annoying, scratching noises.

The Condenser

A series of coils which releases the collected heat out from your home. If it has a faulty coil, you can expect it to stop collecting the hot air and suddenly your home is back to being not so cool. Your compressor is usually situated somewhere between your condenser and your evaporator.

The Evaporator

Your AC’s evaporator is typically inside the part which is in your home and produces the cool air. If you have foul odors in the air, there is a chance that mold or other fungus or bacteria has collected on it because it got wet or you have a home which is too humid. This problem should be fixed immediately or you could end up with severe breathing issues later on. Hot areas like ours require a humid home, but if it is too humid, it can cause more problems than help.

The Stop Valve

This little thing is important to how your AC functions. It controls the amount of refrigerant your AC needs to produce cool air. Check this to see if it has broken or rusted if your AC isn’t making enough cool air.

Air Filters

If your air is starting to smell stuffy or your energy bill starts to skyrocket, your air filters could be the culprit. Air filters need to be replaced regularly as they filter out unwanted dust or pollen from getting into your home. Changing them out regularly can actually reduce the AC’s energy consumption anywhere from 5-15%. Regularly replacing your filters can also help reduce any chances of an allergy or asthma attack. 

The Drain

Your ductless AC’s drain needs to be unblocked in order for it to function properly. If it is at all blocked by anything, suddenly you will have a leaky situation. Sometimes this is a simple thing to fix by using a stiff wire through the drainage which can help loosen any debris. Sometimes though, it can be so blocked you need a trained mechanic to get it working again.

The Air Handler

The air handler is basically the surrounding body of your AC. For ductless AC’s, the air handler must be sized exactly. It cannot be too big or too small, otherwise you might risk short cycling which can cause a massive boost in your energy bill. It will also cause your temperature and humidity control to not get correct readings and completely skewer your system.

Electrical Components

Like any appliance, your AC has its own electrical components besides the wiring. If you’re going to use your AC, you should leave it on for as long as possible. If you turn it on and off too frequently, your compressor and fan controls can suddenly get worn out. 

For more information on what component might need to be repaired, call power pro plumbing today and we will make sure it gets properly fixed! We are a reputed HVAC and plumbing contractor Cerritos CA.

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