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Tips To Prevent Frozen Pipes

Tips To Prevent Frozen Pipes

The cold weather can be a nuisance in the best of times, especially for pipes. The water inside your pipes freeze over and the more water there is, the larger the area the ice covers. This leads to increased pressure inside the pipes and there’s a higher probability for it to burst. And no one wants to deal with a burst pipe in winter. Of course, professionals will be there in the hour of need, an emergency plumber Long Beach for that reason. But as the pandemic has taught us prevention is better than cure. 

If you’re still not convinced, consider the bill. The small pipe can waste up to 250 gallons of water per day and flooding can cause extensive and expensive structural damage. Contact a plumbing contractor Anaheim CA for more information.

Some Simple Tips To Prevent Frozen Pipes:

  • Close and drain all outdoor pipes. Also, make sure to disconnect the water hoses and use faucet covers to keep taps insulated and protected from falling ice.
  • Allow the faucets to drip. A steady and tiny drip can reduce the pressure and keep the pipes warm.
  •  Pipes under the bathrooms and kitchen sinks are prone to freezing therefore open cabinet doors. This will help in warming the pipes. 
  • Even if you leave your house empty, make sure to program your furnace( on low) to keep the house warm even when you’re away.
  • Keep all the air vents open for maximizing the availability of warm air.

There are also simple remedies you can try to keep the pipes warm. If there are ice crystals forming on indoor pipes you can use your hairdryer to melt the ice. 

These simple fixes are only temporary. You would have to do the same tedious task, again and again, day by day to prevent the pipes from getting frozen. Therefore permanent fixes are more practical. Some of these fixes could be expensive but you will feel safe from future pipe bursts. You can also call a plumber to help you with any problems. Safety is a priority.

Some Permanent Fixes To Prevent Frozen Pipes:

  • An often overlooked place in homes is dusty spaces. Insulating the area and the exposed ducts and pipes is a foolproof way to permanently fix frozen pipes.
  • These are modern times. Throw away the outdated conventional faucets and install frost-proof faucets. They give an extra layer of protection for the faucets in cold weather. 
  • Check the route of the pipes. If you feel that the pipes are going through the coldest areas of the house, employ plumbing services Cerritos CA to reroute the pipes. 
  • Add more insulation to the walls.
  • Employ hydro jetting, Long Beach CA to clean the debris inside the pipes. Debris can increase the frostiness therefore remove it before the climate strikes.

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