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When Should I Call Professionals for Low Water Pressure?

When Should I Call Professionals for Low Water Pressure?

The impact of low water pressure on daily life can be surprising to many people. With low water pressure in the home, washing machines take longer to fill up, and dishwashers perform poorly. When there isn’t enough water coming out of the pipes, showering can be time-consuming.

It can be inconvenient and frustrating to live in a home with low water pressure. Homeowners do not realize they could resolve the water pressure issues if they first identify the root cause. Instead of fixing their homes’ low water pressure, they risk major plumbing problems down the road. The cause of water pressure problems must be identified to be fixed. You just need to call a plumber in Cerritos.

Low Water Pressure is Usually Caused by One of 2 Reasons

  • Hard Water Buildup

The water heater tank and pipes will accumulate minerals, sediments, and even rust. This will reduce the amount of space for water to circulate. If buildup occurs at the location where the water flows in and out, it can compromise the flow.

  • Water Heater Valve

There is a shutoff valve on every water heater. A closed shutoff valve that is not fully reopened will decrease water pressure in your home. Your water pressure will return to normal by returning the water heater valve to “Open” status.

What To Do If Your Water Heater Produces Low Water Pressure?

  • Check Your Main Shutoff Valve

Water pressure can be increased by placing the main shutoff valve right. The main shutoff valve acts as a gate through which water enters your home. It limits the amount of water that can pass through if it is not fully opened. In the past few months, you might have had work on your plumbing, which may have adjusted the main shutoff valve and not returned it to its rightful place.

  • Do You Have a Fully Opened Water Meter Valve?

Water meter valves are source valves that affect water pressure, just as main shutoff valves do. However, the water meter valve belongs to the city, not the main shutoff valve.

Unless you are experiencing emergency plumbing problems, we do not recommend tampering with water meter valves.

Suppose you contact your local water department if the water meter valve needs to be adjusted. You will receive advice about the next steps and be able to talk about your water pressure concerns. It is good to let your water pressure regulator know if you have recently had problems.

  • Clogged Aerator Screen

You have an aerator screen in your faucet, which controls water flow through tiny holes. Aerators conserve water and manage the flow.

As a result of a clogged aerator screen, you will experience an intermittent trickle instead of the steady stream you’re used to. In some cases, soaking the screen in a vinegar/hot water solution can help. In the case of a broken aerator, go to a reliable plumbing company in Long Beach, CA.

  • The Pipes in Your Home May be Clogged or Corroded

When a pipeline is clogged, water will concentrate in one place. The water will move around the clog depending on its size, but its flow rate will be slowed. Clogs can cause pipes to burst if they are not removed.

Older homes are most likely to have corroded water pipes. Corrosion may be to blame if you notice a peculiar taste or discoloration and the low water pressure. Get it checked by a plumber.

Low Water Pressure? Call Power Pro Plumbing

We’ve been serving the area for years, Power Pro Plumbing! If you have low water pressure issues, we’re your local plumbers in Long Beach, California. We’ll come out right away to help! Call at (833) 212-2124.