Why Is There A Sewer Smell In My House?

Why Is There A Sewer Smell In My House?

An unpleasant odor is usually an indication that something is amiss, especially if it smells like sewage. In a toilet, kitchen, or locker room, a sewer odor may signal a more severe problem than clogged plumbing. It could have come from the sewage itself, necessitating quick intervention. 

Also, if the issue is a dehydrated P-trap, the cure could be as simple as turning on the faucet. If the problem is a damaged vent pipe, you may need to call an expert plumber in Long Beach, CA to resolve it.

Why is the Reason For the Foul Sewer Smell?

One of the most prevalent causes of sewage odor is not the toilet – if you notice a foul sewer odor in your bathroom, look into the shower drain yourself or call experts for drain cleaning Gardena, CAMentioned hereunder are some common causes of sewer smell at your place. 

Biofilm Formation

We use a variety of items when we bathe. Skin oils, moisturizers, shampoo, soap, and shaving foam, together with natural rubbles such as skin cells and hair, are washed down the drain. These contaminants frequently build along the P-trap and horizontal pipes that run beneath your bathtub over time. 

This buildup is known as a biofilm. Biofilm begins to emit a sewage-like odor as it accumulates due to germs and decaying debris. Bacteria produce a sticky material that enables them to adhere to the side of your pipelines, making them tough to eliminate without the use of specialized equipment. 

This sewer stink eventually pervades the bathroom walls, not just the bathroom or bathtub. Typically, removing biofilm and the odors it causes in shower pipes is a simple task that does not necessitate the services of a plumber.

P-trap (Dry)

A dry P-trap is another prevalent source of sewer gas odors in the home. A P-trap is a U-shaped conduit that traps and holds water. Moreover, a P-trap must contain enough water to keep sewage smells creeping up your drain when working correctly. 

If you don’t use your shower frequently, the water could have just drained from the P-trap. However, if you regularly use your bathroom and still detect a sewage odor coming from your drain, this could suggest a more severe problem. For example, your P-trap could crack and stop holding water. 

Depending on the cause of the dryness, a dry P-trap can be easy or complex to repair. If you don’t use your shower frequently, the water may have drained. Turn on your faucet and let the water drain for a few minutes to replenish the P-trap, and you will get done in no time. 

The water must be sufficient to replace the P-trap and prevent sewage gases from seeping into your toilet. If the odor persists, pour a gallon of water in every drain outlet along with the sink and toilet.

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