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5 Warning Signs That Indicate Sewer Damage

5 Warning Signs That Indicate Sewer Damage

One thing that we all wish to keep out of sight and out of mind is the sewer lines. But these form one of the most important parts of your home plumbing system. The last thing you would want is sewer line damage. It becomes worse if it happens during an occasion or when you have some guests over. 

Signs That Indicates Your Sewer Line is Damaged

Thankfully, the sewer lines give you various signals before causing any actual damage. This gives you enough time to address and resolve the issue at an early stage and curb it before it turns into a massive problem. 

Slow Drainage

Generally, the clog in the sewer lines develops over time. The sewer lines do not get completely blocked all of a sudden. However, if you notice that your sink, shower, or toilet takes longer to drain, it is a sign that you need to get your sewer line checked. In worst circumstances, the water may not drain at all, and extreme conditions might lead to the sewer water coming out. In case of such blockage, book drain cleaning at Long Beach to get your drain pipes cleaned by professionals. 

Unusual Green and Soggy Patches in Your Lawn

If you find a patch in your lawn that is unusually lush and green, this means that the soil in that region has drain leakage, and the sewer water is seeping out. This growth might extend to the street drains in the more severe case, and the lawn area around the drain pipeline will constantly be soggy. Such signs indicate that it’s important to get sewer line repair, as soon as possible!

Mold Growth Over Walls and Ceilings

If you notice that there is mold growth on the ceiling and walls of your bathroom or in other relatively damp areas like the kitchen or backyard, it is a sign of leakage in the sewer line. Bathrooms themselves are exposed to a humid environment. Despite that, if there is a fast growth of mold, you must call for a professional sewer line repair in Long Beach, CA.

Foul Smell

If you detect a foul odor in your house, which smells like rotten eggs, it might indicate a weak link or leakage in your sewer plumbing line. Most probable areas might be along the bathroom drains, toilet outlets, kitchen sink drains, the vent stack that goes up your roof, etc. You must immediately book drain cleaning at Cerritos, CA, in such circumstances. 

Gurgling Drains

Do you feel that soon after you flush, or when the water drains, it sounds as if the drain hole is ‘hungry’? Does it make unusual human-like rumbling or gurgling sounds? While it is common to have such gurgling sounds once in a while, a more frequent occurrence is a warning sign, even more so if you find bubbles in the drain bowl and a raw sewer smell.

If you notice any of these symptoms in your residential sewer drainage system, you must call a professional to get it checked before it gets too late. Give us a ring at 866-627-9647 to get the best plumbing technicians at your service. At Power Pro plumbing heating and air, we are known for providing high-quality services from proficient technicians.