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Drain Cleaning In Cerritos, CA


Get Drain Cleaning In Cerritos, CA with Just One Call – (833) 212-2124

When a drain in your home starts acting up or backs up with water, you need to get it handled and fast. Leaving standing water in your home can cause a foul odor. Not to mention, it is a major inconvenience to lose the use of one of your drains.

With Power Pro Plumbing Heating & Air, you can get that drain cleaned and cleared in no time. Our drain cleaning in Gardena, CA specialists have the industry experience and equipment needed to unclog any drain in your home.


Drain Cleaning & Camera Inspection
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Types of Drains We Specialize In Cleaning

Give us a call if you have a clog in your:

  • Bathtub or shower: Soap scum, hair, and other grime that may wash off when you bathe can end up clogging the drain in your shower or bathtub. Don’t use drain clearer you can buy in bottles from any store because they can damage the pipework with overuse. Do what is best for your plumbing and call us at (833) 212-2124.
  • Floor drain: Your home’s floor drains play a huge role in washing away excess water, such as after a storm floods your garage. Therefore, clogs in floor drains can make big messes. We’ll come by to clear it in a jiffy. Our plumber in Long Beach are expert in their work.
  • Kitchen sink: Did your spouse forget that eggshells aren’t supposed to go down the kitchen sink? Maybe you poured grease down there after frying some bacon in the morning? Whatever the reason your kitchen sink is clogged, we can clear it up fast.
  • Sewer line: A clogged sewer line is something that needs your attention right away. Your whole home could end up smelling foul if you don’t fix it. There could even be airborne contaminants due to the clog. We recommend calling us immediately for sewer line repair in Cerritos, CA when your sewer line is backing up or backflowing into your property.
  • Toilet: If your kid flushed a toy down the toilet, or the fixture has always flushed weakly, and now it is clogged, don’t get your own hands dirty trying to fix it. Leave it to the professional Cerritos drain clearing plumbers from Power Pro Plumbing Heating & Air!

Our services are competitively priced to make you a loyal customer. Contact us today to find out more.

We Offer Hydro-Jetting in Cerritos, Too!

Realistically, not all clogs are the same. Some of them are caused by serious blockages that resist traditional clearing methods and technologies. That’s when we break out the hydro-jetting machine to blast and disintegrate whatever is causing your pipes to clog. This helps in cleaning through hydro jetting in Long Beach, CA.

With our years of industry experience and continual training, we are ready to effectively and safely use hydro-jetting technology to break apart the worst clogs and blockages! Based out of Cerritos, we proudly serve the entire South Bay area and beyond. Power pro Plumbing is one of the most trusted plumbing contractor in Anaheim, CA.

Call (833) 212-2124 to arrange a drain cleaning in Cerritos, CA.