Mini Split AC Installation in Cerritos, CA

Mini Split AC Installation in Cerritos, CA and Surrounding Areas

Are you looking for an energy-efficient and low-maintenance air conditioning solution for a new or existing home or business? Mini split air conditioners are becoming a popular choice among home and business owners looking to get the most out of their air conditioning systems. Let the experts at Power Pro Plumbing deliver comfort to your home or business with a mini split AC installation in Cerritos, CA, and surrounding areas.

What Are the Advantages of a Mini Split AC?

Mini split air conditioners have excellent energy efficiency. Energy-efficient mini split air conditioners use an inverter system, so they don’t have to cycle on and off to maintain a consistent temperature, which saves energy compared to traditional central air conditioners and room air conditioners. Air conditioning can make up a large percentage of your energy consumption, so a mini-split system can easily offset the price of installation over several years.

When it comes to maintaining an air conditioner, a mini-split system has an advantage over central air conditioners with fewer parts to maintain and low maintenance costs. Mini split systems often include a reusable air filter, keeping your indoor air quality high without the cost of replacement filters. Mini split systems have few moving parts, so there is less chance of parts becoming worn and needing replacement or lubrication. The major advantage of a mini split AC is that there is no ductwork. You will no longer need to have the ductwork cleaned, repaired, or inspected.

Comfort zones are a key advantage of mini split air conditioners. Room air conditioners keep a single room or space cool, but when you leave that room, you’ll receive little or no benefit from the air conditioner. Central air conditioning systems cool your entire home or business, so no matter where you are you should receive a similar level of comfort. Mini split air conditioners use comfort zones. Comfort zones allow one or multiple mini-split ACs to keep a zone at the temperature you choose. This allows you to control whether your home or business has a constant temperature or more or less cooling without warm spots and uneven cooling.

Quick and Simplified Installation

Installing a mini-split system is quick and requires very little indoor construction. Our courteous and well-trained installation specialists will make a small and clean hole in the wall or ceiling to install the wall-mounted mini split unit. The lines from the wall unit go through the small hole in the wall and into the outdoor condenser unit. We mount the condenser on the ground or platform close to the home or business and is quiet and discreet.

There is no need for ductwork installation, cutting away floors and ceilings for the registers, or indoor renovations. A majority of the installation is done outside, and the process takes much less time than a central air conditioner installation. The result is a non-invasive indoor unit and a quiet outdoor unit. We can scale the installation with several units for larger spaces with multiple zones.

Mini Split AC as a Supplement to a Central Air Conditioner

Mini-split air conditioners provide decentralized climate control in small and large spaces. They offer a low-cost, efficient, and low-maintenance solution on their own. Mini split systems clean your indoor air with an air filter and require no ductwork or air handling equipment, making for a neat installation. If you already have a central air conditioner, a mini-split system can be an excellent supplement to assist your central AC when the days are scorching and an energy-efficient comfort solution when the temperature is mild.

Commercial Installation

Power Pro Plumbing has the equipment and expertise to install your commercial mini split AC. We can install mini split systems in retail spaces, office buildings, studios, and a range of other commercial spaces. Our commercial installers are experienced and well-versed in local regulations. We use high-quality components from leading brands and cutting-edge technology to make sure your installation is long-lasting and environmentally responsible.

A mini-split system requires minimal renovations and downtime to install, so your business will experience little or no interruption. Mini-split ACs have decentralized controls for each zone, making them perfect for commercial spaces with various temperature requirements. Ask us about the benefits of our priority business accounts and get the advantage of fast and professional service with a commercial credit line.

Residential Installation

Mini split systems are an excellent solution for small and large homes. They are energy efficient and low cost with quick and easy installation. We have been delighting families with high-quality comfort solutions since 2002, and our friendly installation professionals will treat your home and family like they would treat their own. Our mini split air conditioners can help you save on your energy expenses and we can help you get the ideal solution that fits your budget.

Multi-Family Installation

Cooling a multi-family residence takes certain knowledge and experience. We can create an air conditioning solution that will provide energy-efficient cooling and meet the demands of multiple tenants. Mini-split systems are popular for their simplified zone controls. Each family can have a comfort zone for their living space, allowing them to decide the temperature of their living space and separating utility costs from other tenants. A mini-split system has the power to meet the demands and will not become overloaded on a hot day like a central air conditioner trying to meet the demands of many tenants.

Get Your Mini Split Installation From Power Pro Plumbing

Power Pro Plumbing started our local business in 2002 offering plumbing and HVAC services from a garage. Over the years we have grown into three locations with over 100 professional staff, delivering high-quality solutions and outstanding customer service. Enjoy our affordable solutions backed by over 30 years of industry experience. We have become a trusted name in Plumbing and HVAC throughout the Greater Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Orange County communities. See our Google reviews for feedback from our delighted customers.

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