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    Commercial Plumbing in Los Angeles, CA

    Commercial Services

    To turn a profit, you need every facet of your business to run as smoothly as possible—including your building’s plumbing system. As soon as you experience a problem at your business in Los Angeles, CA, get in touch with the experts at Power Pro Plumbing. We have years of commercial plumbing experience and can arrive quickly to get your business’s facilities back on track.

    Fast Services Right When You Need Them

    Plumbing problems don’t just happen during business hours, but many business owners dislike calling emergency plumbers because they want to avoid additional prices. At Power Pro Plumbing, we don’t charge extra for service on weekends and holidays or at night—we’re available to help you 24/7.

    We provide commercial plumbing services for a variety of industries, including:

    • Food services and restaurants
    • Healthcare and hospitalss
    • Hotelss
    • Landlords, property management, HOAs, and apartmentss
    • Retail storess
    • Universities and schoolss

    You can avoid emergency repairs by keeping your plumbing in good condition, so we offer comprehensive maintenance plans. When we visit, we’ll check your system’s efficiency, look for leaks, and fix small problems before they grow.

    Our team serves clients across Orange County and in Los Angeles, CA. Read through our list below to see what we can do for you, and fill out the email form on the left to request an estimate or schedule an appointment.

    Commercial Plumbing Services
    Drain Cleaning – There are a number of things that can affect the efficiency of your commercial plumbing drains, including grease, toilet paper, hair and commercial waste. At Power Pro Plumbing, we use a variety of techniques to identify and correct the problem.
    Hydro Jetting – A commercial-plumbing sewer cleaning process that utilizes large volumes of water under high pressure to scour the walls of the drain and sewer lines. Unlike mechanical rodding that just cuts a hole in the blockage, hydro jetting cuts roots, grease and debris all the way around the walls of the pipe. This debris is then washed away to leave your sewer or drain lines as clean as the day they were put in!
    Leak & Line Detection – Electronic detection of underground commercial piping or plumbing to accurately locate the source of water leaks without expensive excavation or replacement. Usually reduces cost of leak repair to a small fraction of outdated and expensive search-and-destroy methods used decades ago in the commercial-plumbing industry. Methods may range from rarefaction wave correlation and vibration analysis, to trace gas induction and detection.
    Video Sewer Inspection – Using a tiny, fiber-optic video camera snaked through the line, our commercial-plumbing technicians can conduct a complete visual line inspection, evaluate the condition of your pipes and locate the blockage. This inspection can even be recorded so you and your plumber can review the problem together and determine the best approach to your sewer line repair.
    Sewer & Drain Replacement – A large portion of the plumbing system is comprised of drain piping. Sometimes these pipes develop leaks due to age, damage or corrosion. When a leak occurs, we can either repair or replace the drain pipe. Leaks present themselves as wet areas in the ceilings or walls. You may also discover an odor coming from under the floor, in storage closets or in attic space. Once we have determined the source of a leak, one of our certified commercial-plumbing technicians can provide alternatives as to how to best proceed.
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    Learn more about our maintenance plans and receive these additional services:
    • Preferred pricing
    • Extended warranties
    • Expedited service
    • 10 percent off your first call
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    Commercial Maintenance Programs

    Commercial Maintenance Programs

    Maintenance keeps your business flowing!
    Power Pro Plumbing knows that a business’s priority is to provide goods and services to their customers. Plumbing problems can put a wrench in that plan. Power Pro Plumbing offers preventative maintenance programs to avoid those disruptions. Because when your business is not making money, it’s losing money. Don’t flush dollars down the drain. Let Power Pro Plumbing keep those drains clean.
    We offer multiple drain-cleaning maintenance plans that cater to your business's needs. Ask us about our year-round trouble-free guarantee.  
    Commercial Maintenance Programs
    Power Pro Plumbing technicians have the training, equipment and know-how to handle all types of routine maintenance issues and emergency problems so your doors remain open for business.
    • Sewer and secondary drain cleaning
    • High-pressure water jetting of drains/sewer lines
    • Repairs/replacements of sinks, faucets, toilets, urinals, dishwashers, garbage disposals, and water heaters
    • Repairs/replacements of sewer lines with trenchless technology
    • Video camera line inspections of drains/sewer lines
    • Repairs/replacements of water service mains
    • Repairs/replacements of sump pumps
    • Leak detections underground and in walls/ceilings
    • Pumping and hauling of grease trap, septic and liquid waste
    • Customized maintenance programs tailored to the specific needs of any business
    Call today to get one of our dedicated commercial team members out to your location to work on your specific needs.

    Priority Business Accounts

    Priority Business Accounts

    Power Pro Plumbing offers quick response and special prices for our Priority Business Accounts and is dedicated to service your business so you can be back to normal as soon as possible. Please call and speak with one of our specialists today to schedule service or to get set up as a Priority Business Account and start taking advantage of all the added benefits.

    Commercial Water Heaters

    Commercial Water Heaters

    Commercial Water Heater & Boiler Repair & Installation Services

    Water heaters and boilers are essential in a working building for everything from cooking to cleaning, and you need a system that will not fail. That’s why you need to call the professionals at Power Pro Plumbing. If your business is in the market for the repair or replacement of a water heater or boiler, call us today for a free quote. Our installations and repairs are done by experienced plumbers, so your water heating system will be back up and running quickly. If you are not sure which type of water heater is right for your building, call Power Pro Plumbing today to assess the right application for your company's needs. The service doesn't stop after the installation. Power Pro Plumbing offers 24-hour emergency plumbing and water-heater service, so you will have hot water again as soon as possible if any problems arise. Give Power Pro Plumbing a call to take care of all of your water-heating needs.

    Commercial Drain Cleaning

    Commercial Drain Cleaning

    Coming Soon.
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